And the diagnosis is…

She’s allergic to fleas. I didn’t even know she had fleas (despite what I said above about thinking it was a flea bite – I hadn’t seen the other two scratching, and thought it was still winter enough that there wouldn’t be any around, so wasn’t that worried about fleas) but the vet found flea droppings in her fur, and said the redness looks like an allergic reaction. So she’s had a steroid injection to stop her itching so much, a flea treatment, and a dose of antibiotics, and we were sent home with flea treatments for the other two cats and more antibiotics to give her for the next week or so (luckily in a paste form, not pills, so it shouldn’t be too difficult getting her to take it). And the bill was only $110 (“only” being a relative term when it comes to vets!).

Oh, and she was remarkably well-behaved in the taxi – she hardly yowled at all. A big improvement on the last time she travelled by car.

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  1. UB313 is in serious need of a better name! I’m happy for Ceres, though.

    I think we’ll carry on thinking of Pluto as a planet for the next generation or so. These things have a way of sticking. Presumably it took a while for that new-fangled planet to be accepted after 1930!

    Poor Saffy. You’ll probably get the fun of giving her antibiotics for a week or so.

  2. Oh! A flea allergy. Gosh, I’d have thought that after your winter fleas would be one of the last things you’d have to worry about! Auckland has such mild winters that the fleas don’t die off, though they’re fiercer in summer.

    Kimi-cat had a flea allergy, too, so we had to be careful to keep up the treatments. They have some very good ones now.

    And yes, that’s a very reasonable vet bill!

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