I just spent an hour writing a long and involved entry about all what I’ve been up to this week. And I managed to hit whatever that key combination is that Firefox interprets as “go back one page, and while you’re at it, don’t bother to cache anything that was in that textbox”. So it’s all gone.

I can’t be bothered recreating it in detail, so here’s the condensed version:

Monday: Class with ESOL student. Went well.

Tuesday: Lytteltonwitch’s final meetup. Also went well. Stayed up way too late talking to lytteltonwitch and otakuu.

Wednesday: Saw Stone of Destiny. Fun. Cafe Bleu closed so went to KFC for dinner.

Thursday: Skipped lace class so I could catch up on some sleep.

Friday: Went for dinner with Dad etc. Left Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant on the table, and the others got chased by the waiter and had to explain bookcrossing (I wasn’t there because I’d popped into the toilet as we were leaving).

Saturday: Damp and miserable day, so had a lazy day at home.

Today: Still damp and miserable, but went into town anyway. Took some books to the new OBCZ lytteltonwitch has started, then ended up walking home. Managed not to get rained on until about half way home then it started drizzling, but not really heavy enough to have to catch a bus – just enough to make me seriously damp by the time I got home.

Recent catches:
Skull Session by Daniel Hecht
Winter by Simon Brown
The Gothic Line by Douglas Orgill
The Paternity Affair by Robyn Donald
The Return of Gunner Asch by Hans Hellmut Kirst
Charlotte Gray by Sebastian Faulks (a second-generation catch)

Currently reading: Death by Water by Kerry Greenwood
Currently listening to: Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri

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