The Big Trip (Southern Leg) Day 7: Dunedin to Christchurch

Easter Saturday, and (as mentioned above) the last day of the first half of our big trip.

Before leaving Dunedin we had a quick look around the city (and, as I said above, released The Iceberg Hermit at the railway station, where it was very quickly caught) because the shops had of course all been shut the day before for Good Friday, and then had a pretty uneventful trip back up to Christchurch, with just a few stops along the way, to look at the Moeraki boulders:

and for lunch in Timaru, where I released the last of the books I’d brought with me, The Disappearing TV Star by Emily Rodda.

When we got back to Christchurch we were all suitably exhausted. Dad and Stepmother were due up the next day for a visit, and to meet the Outlaws (and brought a leg of lamb and a slab of venison with them, to give the Outlaws a taste of real NZ food – it gave us a taste of real NZ food too, because we can’t often afford to buy really good meat, and anyway, the opportunities to get real farm-killed meat aren’t that frequent in the city – we had a couple of very nice meals!).

The original plan had been that we’d go over to the West Coast for a few days after Dad and Stepmother had left, before heading for the North Island. But after a week of sleeping in a tent, and with rain forecast for the Coast (and the chances of the forecast being wrong in our favour yet again seemed pretty remote), MrPloppy and I decided to stay at home for a couple of days of peace and quiet while the Outlaws explored the West Coast on their own.

So the story of our trip will pick up again on ANZAC Day, when we headed north…

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