The best laid plans of FutureCat and MrPloppy

Last night I suggested to MrPloppy that we should go to Trattorie for breakfast this morning, so I could drop off the books rarsberry and the others had left her on Christmas Eve in the OCZ (I don’t like visiting the OCZ without eating in the cafe – seeing as it’s a place of business that’s letting us operate the OCZ from there for free, I think the least we can do is support the business). So we wandered over there, only to find that it was closed 🙁 They’re having an extended Christmas holiday and won’t reopen until next week. So we went to the bakery next door instead, and bought some nice bread to take home for our breakfast, and rarsberry’s books are back in my box of to-be-released books for now.

Our lovely new computer is back at the shop being fixed 🙁 It had been going fine up until the warmer weather finally started last week, when it suddenly developed a habit of crashing about half an hour after it was switched on, and then refusing to restart again unless you left it for a while (sounds like an overheating problem to me, but I’ve really not got only a vague idea what’s going on inside a computer, so that’s just a wild guess, really). It was getting worse, and on Tuesday finally got to the stage of not wanting to start up at all, no matter how long it had been switched off for, so we took it back to the shop. Of course, their technician is off on holiday at the moment, so it won’t even be looked at until he comes back next week, so I’m back using the old slow computer for now 🙁 At least the repairs should be covered by the warranty – it’s only just over a month old, after all!

Currently reading: Surely You’re Joking, Mr Feynman by Richard Feynman (being read in haste and with some embarrassment, because it’s a bookring book that I’d completely forgotten about receiving, until I discovered it sitting on a bookshelf!)

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