MrPloppy is not a hobbit

There have been doubts cast on MrPloppy’s ability to fit into such a small space in that photo yesterday.  No, he’s not a hobbit (he’d be much better cast as an elf), but he does have an almost inhuman ability to draw his knees up to his chin while sleeping, especially if forced to by cats.  A diagram might help clarify the picture:
[album 128913 301005cats2.jpg]

Anyway, have you guessed what the mystery cross-stitch is yet?

[album 128913 301005embr2.jpg]

Any clearer now?

[album 128913 301005embr3.jpg]

How about now?

Yep, it’s another of the Christmas Kittens, started two Christmases ago, I think, and only one more of the set to do and then I can decide what I’m going to do with them (they’re supposed to be tree decorations, but I think they’re a bit big for that (they’re each about 7 cm tall), so I’m thinking of sewing them onto a ribbon as a wall decoration).  Here’s the five I’ve done so far:

[album 128913 301005embr4.jpg]

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