Summer has truly arrived, because the nor’westers have started. Today’s was worse than usual (I thought we were going to lose part of the fence at one stage), so going outside to do anything was pretty much out of the question, and inside the house it was hot and muggy – and stuffy, because we could only open a couple of windows on the sheltered side of the house. So it’s been pretty much a sitting round doing nothing sort of day. My major achievement was to watch a couple of DVDs with the Spanish soundtrack on, in a vain attempt to start getting back up to speed before term starts in February, and to add a small amount to my topiary cross-stitch.

Progress on it is very slow, mostly because it’s too hot to embroider for too long (I have to stop every half hour or so and go and wash my hands so they don’t get sweaty and mark the fabric), but also because this tree has a lot more fiddly fractional stitches and colour changes than the sunflower one, so it’s slow going. Should look nice when it’s finished, though.

Currently reading: Clara’s Heart by Joseph Olshan

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