Another bookring arrives

Yet another bookring turned up that I don’t remember signing up for: Cats in May by Doreen Tovey – oh well, the ring was started by GoryDetails, who seems to have pretty similar reading tastes to me, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. And it’s about cats, which always helps 😉

Released a couple of books in town at the weekend in places that I’ve had catches from before, but no such luck this time:
Codeword Golden Fleece by Dennis Wheatley
My Life as Me by Barry Humphries

Our meetup on Sunday wasn’t hugely well attended (mostly because I forgot to email everyone!), but lytteltonwitch, awhina and meerkitten were there. I restrained myself from picking up any more books, but lytteltonwitch insisted I take A Breath of Fresh Air by Erica James home to give to ORNOT, so he can do one of his weird journal entries on it.

Currently reading: Four and Twenty Blackbirds by Mercedes Lackey

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