The kittens and I managed a truce this afternoon in the battle of the embroidery threads, so they slept on my feet while I managed to add a bit to the cross-stitch project: It’s still going to be a very long time before there’s anything worth seeing in these updates.

A week of firsts

Well, not really, but I couldn’t think of a more interesting title. It was the first meetup of the year, though. My threats to stop organising obviously worked, because we had a good turnout for a change: Rarsberry, Otakuu, Kiwiviv, and Bruce, Stephanie and Linda (one day I’ll remember their bookcrossing names!). The venue was…


Having finally finished off a few works-in-progress from the stash, I decided to reward myself with starting something new – a kit MrPloppy gave me for Christmas years ago, which is huge and ambitious and will probably take me even more years to finish. But aren’t the colours pretty? I didn’t actually get much stitching…


Finally finished the backstitch and beading on the dragon: Now I’ve just got to find somewhere to get it framed, seeing as my favourite framer is gone. Or maybe I’ll just add it to the ever-growing stash of things to round to framing one day… Now, what should I do next?