A quick photo before it rains again

I finished off the binding on Monday night, but pretty much every evening this week that I’ve been home before dark it’s been too wet to hang the quilt on the line so I could photograph it (and I really wanted to take the photo outside in natural light). It’s supposed to rain again this morning, but while it’s daylight and the rain is still holding off, I dashed out for a quick photo.
I’m pretty pleased with how this quilt turned out, considering it was just supposed to be a practice run at making a really big quilt (it’s big enough to use on my queen-size bed (which I actually did on Monday night, when we had a sudden cold snap, and I couldn’t be bothered swapping out my summer-weight duvet for the winter one, so I just threw the just-finished quilt over the top for a bit of extra warmth), though, because it’s square, not quite long enough to go over the pillows).  The quilting isn’t perfect (and there’s quite a few wrinkles on the back, because of my struggles to find somewhere to lay it out flat to baste it – I’ve since found instructions for a better way to baste big quilts using a table, so I might try that next time), but the overall effect is pretty good, so I’m happy enough with it (and even happier that the things I learnt will mean I do a better job next time, which was the whole point of making a practice quilt).
What I’m most proud of is the border.  The main design of the quilt came out of some experimenting I was doing with snowballing pinwheels.  The block that emerged was (to me) reminiscent of a flower, so I decided to make a “Flower Garden” quilt, with a field of flowers on a green background.  As I was making the blocks, I decided the off-cuts from the snowballing were too interesting to throw away, so I played round with them and came up with the zig-zaggy triangles border pattern, which is my favourite part of the whole quilt (though I also quite like the negative space between the flowers – I might have to experiment with that a bit more in another quilt…)
So there you have it: my first ever designed-it-entirely-myself-totally-from-scratch quilt.  And my first finished big quilt.

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  1. I heard you were going to be getting a lot of rain on the weather news the other day. Sounds like it turned out to be true…
    And I agree with you… that border? Really striking and quirky. I love it!
    Nice job. 🙂

    1. You get NZ weather reports in your news??? That’s pretty wide-ranging weather news! 🙂 The rain here wasn’t as bad as up north – in Auckland it was so heavy they had flash floods. In Christchurch we just got several days of steady rain, but nothing too dramatic.

      1. I follow a YouTube channel called SuspiciousObservers that gives space weather and weather across the globe. So yeah. I see what the weather is doing in New Zeland!

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