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The latest on the job front is that they’ve extended our contracts for another six weeks while management consider the business case.  So yay I’ve got a job for another six weeks, but not so yay I’ve still got no idea what’s going to happen long term.  I’m trying not to stress too much about it, but yeah, not the most relaxing situation to be in.
On a more positive note, two of our DCAs and I gave a presentation about CEISMIC to a group visiting from Greypower (an advocacy group for retired people) on Wednesday.  About 80 elderly people, and only one of them fell asleep during our presentation, so I think we did pretty well 🙂  My part of the presentation was an extended version of a speech I’d given to Toastmasters last month (my Toastmasters speech was 7 minutes long, and this one was about 20), which definitely helped, because I knew most of it really well already.   One of the DCAs had never given a presentation before, so I coached her through preparing for it, and she did really well, so I got to feel pretty successful in my managerial abilities as well as my public speaking 🙂
Went to another quiz night last night with Mrs Gwilk and Gabby from ChickFlicks.  It was a fundraiser being run by Gabby’s daughter’s church youth group, and like anything run by a bunch of teenagers was completely disorganised, but we had a lot of fun anyway.  The other problem with a quiz run by teenagers is that a lot of the questions involved recent music and celebrities, so we were struggling to answer those, but we did well enough on the less age-biased questions that we still managed to finish 3rd-equal, so felt we’d kept up to our high standards.  It was a very late night though, especially because when I got home I had to finish packing (Lytteltonwitch and I are off to Oamaru after work tonight).  So ever so slightly tired today, and it’ll be a late night again tonight by the time we get down there.  Good thing it’s a long weekend!

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