An expensive wee bit of metal

Just got back from town, where I bought myself a birthday present. If I tell you it was small, very expensive, and made of metal, I’m sure some of you will be thinking jewellery. Nope, sorry to disappoint you, but it’s actually a quilting foot for The Beast. I’ve been using a darning foot for my free motion quilting up ’till now, which works ok, but doesn’t exactly give you a good field of view to see where your stitches are going. So I decided my birthday (and my slowly-increasing skill level) totally justified splurging on the correct tool for the job.

That on the left is my new foot, and on the right is the old darning foot I’ve been using. See what I mean about actually being able to see what I’m doing with this one? I’m really looking forward to trying it – in fact, I think I may have to devote the remainder of the afternoon to quilting, so I can properly test it out.
I also invested in some new needles, because I suspect the ones I’ve been using came with the machine when Granny got it. According to the person who served me in the shop, a needle is only supposed to have a life of 3-4 hours’ sewing. Not 30-odd years then, huh?
Just before I was heading out this morning, I remembered the cat-themed books Lytteltonwitch had gathered for me to release today, so I grabbed an armful and released them along the way:

I shall report back later with quilting progress…

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  1. Only 3-4 hours sewing per needle? Sounds like the opinion of someone with a vested interest in selling more needles!

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