Monday tomorrow

Where did the time go?  Suddenly two weeks have raced past and my holiday is over 🙁  I haven’t achieved half of what I’d intended to (of course), but I have had a lovely break, got a few things done, and spent some pleasant times with friends, and really, what more can you ask from a holiday?
On Thursday I had dinner with the Gwilks, followed (naturally) by board games.  No matter how often I play with them, they always have new games to introduce me to (I have no idea how large their collection is, but it seems enormous!), so I’m always at a slight disadvantage, but generally the games are enough fun that I don’t mind losing (and actually, I did manage to win a couple of them on Thursday night, so I was feeling pretty proud of myself – even if a lot of it came down to sheer luck!).  There was another friend of theirs there who hadn’t played any of the games before either, so we were able to commiserate with each other when one or the other of us came last yet again.
Mini-Gwilk, who’s a similar age to Nephew #1, was wearing a Minecraft t-shirt, and was most impressed when I recognised it and said I played.  I was dragged off to the computer to admire his latest builds, and we shared game tips for a while before I gently pointed out that I was actually there to visit his parents, and perhaps I should go back and talk to them… 🙂  I don’t think he’d ever encountered an adult who he could talk to about Minecraft before.
Yesterday I went out to Little River to a barbecue at Helen’s place (that was where I’d been invited for New Year’s, so accepting an invitation for an afternoon instead was my compromise).  It was a nice small gathering – just Helen and her husband, a friend of theirs from Auckland, and a couple I knew through the union (plus associated children).  It was a lovely day for sitting in the garden, so that’s how we spent most of the afternoon, chatting and browsing art books, and drinking Pimms (well, the others were – I had one glass then topped it up with soft drink for the rest of the time.  I don’t drink often enough to cope with more than one glass, especially on a hot afternoon!).
Helen had borrowed a data projector, so had suggested screening some movies once it got dark enough, but the union couple wanted to get their toddler home to bed and left before then, so I grabbed a lift back to Christchurch with them.
And now I really should get myself to bed – early start tomorrow…

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