Night caching

As predicted, the kids stayed up until the very early hours playing computer games – they tell me it was “only” until 1 am, but I woke up a couple of times in the night and could still hear them, so I suspect it was actually much later.  Which meant they didn’t get up until very late, but that was ok with me, because it meant I had a few hours of peace to get some stuff done around the house before they woke up 🙂
Once both were finally awake, showered and breakfasted, it was lunchtime, so we went into Riccarton to watch a movie (Night at the Museum 3 – didn’t do a lot for me, but they were amused by it).  Then tonight I invited Mrs Gwilk and mini-Gwilk round for dinner, so that mini-Gwilk could meet the boys, seeing as they’ve been playing on the Minecraft server together.  They all got on really well, which was great.  Lytteltonwitch came round too, and after dinner and a couple of board games she took all three boys and I out to do a night cache, where you follow a trail of tiny reflective dots through the streets, and theoretically there’s a geocache at the end of it.  Theoretically, because although we successfully followed the trail for most of the way, we were stumped at the end, and never found the actual cache.  It was fun running around the street with torches trying to spot the dots, though, and a nice long walk.

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