Toastmasters meeting tonight, and for the first time I was the Toastmaster – the combination of Chairperson and Emcee who runs the meeting, introduces the speakers, and generally keeps everything on track.  I was ever so slightly nervous, with so many different things to remember to do and say, but it went really well (well, apart from the slight problem of the meeting running about 20 minutes over time… think I might have to ask the advice of one of the more experienced members about how you’re supposed to get people to shut up and sit down when their time is up…). I’m so relieved it’s over!
Except next week I’m down on the schedule to give a speech.  Which is equally nerve-wracking.  Remind me why I’m doing this again?

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    1. I think it’s the scares the snot outta me bit that’s why I’m doing it – the theory is, with enough practice it might become less scary… (or at least, I’ll get better at hiding the fear 🙂 )

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