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We’re not getting that refugee after all. My boss had called me a few days ago to say they’d found a lost kitten, and needed a home for it, so I’d said if they hadn’t found the owners by the time we got back we’d take it. He was supposed to be dropping it round this morning, but he just rang to say they’ve just managed to find the owner.

So we’re not getting a kitten, but I’m so glad it’s been reunited with its owner, two little girls who were missing their pet very much (apparently it had wandered a couple of kilometres from home – not bad for a tiny kitten!).

Of course, now that I had myself all psyched up for another cat, I’m wondering if the SPCA has any more needing rehomed…

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  1. Okay, of all the things that one might see after an earthquake, silt would not be on top of my list…

    Very interesting. And disturbing.

    Glad you are home.

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