Christmas at the FutureCat house, Part 2

Back again. The quick trip into town to drop off DVDs expanded slightly to include stopping off at The Coffee Club to drop off a few more books, and in Riccarton to go to Nature’s Discoveries to finish off the Christmas shopping (what do you mean you’re supposed to finish your Christmas shopping before Christmas? We’re not seeing the kids until January, so it’s much easier (and cheaper!) to wait until Boxing Day to buy their pressies!).

So, Christmas. A nice quiet relaxing day, consisting mostly of eating:

(That’s brunch, before I finished making the crepes (after I finished making the crepes we were too busy eating them to take photos :-)). Dinner was a nice piece of venison Dad gave us a while back, which we’ve had waiting in the freezer for a good reason to eat it. I combined a few different recipes (this is becoming a habit!) to come up with a red wine, juniper and redcurrant sauce for it, which reduced down to the most incredibly rich and wonderful sauce – I managed to impress myself with that one!)


(my new bookseat, which MrPloppy got me for Christmas after I’d shown him libertine101’s post about them)


(our traditional Christmas afternoon activity)

and cross-stitching (while half-watching The X-Files with MrPloppy – I got him the box set for Christmas, so we’ll be watching it for quite some time!):

(Yes, that is a new project I’m starting. And no, I haven’t finished all the other projects I’ve got on the go… but I felt like doing something nice and simple, and found this kit lurking in the bottom of my stash (it’s one Mum gave me – I think she picked it up at a garage sale or something))

A very pleasant way to spend a day.

Talking of cross-stitch, I have actually finished a project recently, and I don’t think I ever posted the finished product here:

Anyway, hope you all had/are having/will have a wonderful Christmas, and a totally lazy Boxing Day.

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  1. Sounds like you guys have the christmas thing down to a fine art! Will have to give those mince pies a try.

    No relaxing boxing day here sadly, cleaning up the chaos of kids christmas plus usual end of week housekeeping stuff plus preparing for little ones birthday tomorrow means its all go at this end. Sadly unassisted as Himself felt a need to go fix a friends computer today. Sure wish I could curl up with a cat and a book but sadly we arent allowed pets and would you beleive not one single person bought me a book for Christmas??? Sacriledge!

    Christmas day however was a mostly stunning affair 🙂

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