Well, we made it. A highly successful convention (at least according to everyone who spoke to me), and we even managed to come in within budget (in fact, we even made a bit of a profit, which will be split evenly between Bookcrossing and the BC Exchange programme).

I’ll attempt to make a full report in due course, but at the moment I’m still in recovery mode – the last of my visitors left yesterday, so the last week has been spent showing her around Christchurch and tidying up odds and ends from the convention (though there’s still a couple of things left to do – notably we’ve been asked to give a presentation (eek!) on bookcrossing at an assembly at Cathedral Grammar next week, when we formally hand over our donation books). Oh, and I’m going to be on TV sometime next week too (she says, casually).

I’ve still got a cold, though it’s finally starting to ease off (yay, just in time to go back to work tomorrow), and I’m still feeling utterly shattered. So I spent today being as lazy as possible (though it was tricky, because I haven’t quite got used to the idea that for the first time in two years I haven’t got any preparation for the convention to do!) trying to recover a bit ready for my return to the real world tomorrow.

Ok, so it wasn’t completely lazy – I did spend most of it finishing off the very overdue embroidery project for my new niece (though I was relaxing on the couch and listening to an audiobook as I did so):

(No, the colours on your monitor aren’t off – the third one is white, while the other two are pale yellow. I couldn’t find another matching towel.)

What, you thought I’d send her something pink and girly? That’s totally not me!

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