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That’s 100 bookstrings done (well, apart from sealing the knots and trimming the ends), and I’m almost out of string again. I think I’m starting to run out of inspiration, too – the last couple of strings looked a bit boring. Probably a sign that I should stop there, and channel my creative energy into something else for a while. Going back to the bead shop for more string is too dangerous, anyway – yesterday’s supposed purchase of $10 worth of string turned into closer to $40 after I was tempted by all the pretty beads on display. I should have known that me and any sort of craft shop is a bad combination!

The great mystery of life wracking my brain at the moment is what happened to all the orange juice? I like my orange juice to be just orange juice, without added preservatives or flavour, and without being supplemented with apple juice. Up until recently there were several brands that fit my requirements – they may have been made from reconstituted concentrate, but at least they were actually orange juice and not something else masquerading as orange. However, just before Christmas we bought one of those brands, and noticed it tasted a bit odd. Checking the label, I noticed it now contained apple juice, flavouring, and various vitamins as added ingredients. It was a 3 litre bottle, so I wasn’t going to waste it by chucking it away, but drank it anyway, under protest.

It finally ran out this week, so when we went to the supermarket yesterday I perused the juice shelves for a replacement, and made a shocking discovery: on careful checking of the labels, ALL of the brands I used to buy now contain apple juice! The only juice I could find that’s still proper orange juice was Charlie’s (but that’s very expensive, because they don’t use concentrate, so I can’t see that being a regular purchase). I could understand one brand changing their recipe, but all of them? Is there some world-wide orange shortage that’s caused the change? Or is it a conspiracy by apple growers to force me to drink apple juice (I really really don’t like apple juice!)?

Whatever the cause, it looks like I’m either going to have to hold my nose and drink apple-juice contaminated orange, or face the expense of buying Charlie’s. 🙁 Or maybe I’ll just stick to water…

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