At 11.15 last night, to be exact. It took a bit longer than I expected, having planned to finish it last weekend, but Sunday’s visitors, then a headache brought on by a combination of a strong nor’wester and lack of sleep (%$&# daylight savings!) knocked out Monday evening, so it was a rush job the last two evenings to get it done in time. But I finally finished it:

And, though I say so myself, it looks great!

Lytteltonwitch has kindly volunteered to take it to the framers for me in her lunch hour today (I can’t get into town in a lunch hour to do it, and MrPloppy doesn’t like having to make colour decisions), so hopefully they’ll be able to get it done by next Friday, in time for us to deliver it to Rars on Saturday night.

And tonight, I sleep!

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