From my travel journal: Thursday 7 April, 3.50 pm

Still somewhere in New Mexico, about 50 miles from the Texas border

Stopped for lunch in Roswell. Aliens are their only tourist attraction, so they make the most of it. As well as the “official” UFO museum there are half a dozen gift shops (or “UFO and Alien Stuff” shops, as several were called) posing as museums, plus random other alien-themed places, including the McDonalds. We’d wanted to have lunch at the place we’d heard of that sells alien burgers, but couldn’t figure out where it was, so we ended up eating McDonalds. Could be worse, I suppose.

Even the McDonalds is UFO-themed

Skyring’s bumper sticker collection is growing

In contrast to all the new age-y UFO stuff was the stone plaque outside the courthouse, which turned out to be the ten commandments (rather disturbing to this New Zealander, used to complete separation of church and state)

We’re definitely down out of the mountains now – it’s starting to get very warm. The Australian four fifths of the team will be happy – they were all complaining about the cold yesterday (while I spent most of it wearing a t-shirt ;-)). Now it’ll just be me complaining about the heat… (control of the car’s air conditioning has been an exercise in trans-Tasman compromise)

In the last hour or so we’ve started passing little clusters of oil wells again. I’m guessing we’ll see a lot more of them in Texas.

Water tower, traffic lights hanging from the power lines… small towns look just like the movies!

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  1. wow… eating at mcdonalds is brave at the best of times but in Roswell? lol

    Love the texas drawl. Never actually made it to TX in my travels but a lot of folk in the souther states say "ya’ll" and it kinda stuck with me even though people look at mme funny when I say it!

    San Antonio riverfront walk…SO jealous!

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