Sleep now?

Thanks everyone for your messages about Ming. He’s had lots of extra cuddles over the last few days, and doesn’t seem to be suffering any after-effects. We discussed again whether it was worth taking him to the vet, but from what I’ve read about seizures in cats, there’s loads of possible causes, none of which are going to be worth treating in a 14 year old cat, even if we were willing to subject him to all the tests to find out what it was in the first place. At his age, the chances are he’s going to die of one thing or another soon enough anyway, so (unless of course he’s in obvious pain or distress) we’ll let him live out his life without the stress of vet visits and taking medicine.

It’s been a busy week this week, but unfortunately mostly just with boring work stuff. We did have a bookcrossing meetup on Tuesday night, though it was a bit of a quiet one – just me, lytteltonwitch, and keenreda. We need some new people to come along to meetups to provide some fresh blood books – the same ones keep coming back to meetups as they cycle round each of us (though saying that, I still did manage to find a book to take home with me: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee).

I keep thinking there was something else I was going to write about, but I’ve got no idea what it was. I’m half falling asleep here – we let the cats sleep in the bed with us on Wednesday night because we were feeling sorry for Ming, and cats in the bed = no sleep for FutureCat, what with one or the other of them always feeling the need to wander around at various points in the night, usually taking a path that involves stepping on my face, and with the fact that I’m actually allergic to cats (yes, I know, why do I have three of them then – the answer is I’m stupid!), so having them in the bed guarantees I won’t breathe properly, so I wake up feeling not at all rested. Anyway, I don’t think my sleep has caught up from that yet, so I’m very tired tonight. Maybe I should just give up on writing this and take my book to bed…

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