2009 and all that

What started in Wellington in February as just a silly joke between friends officially became reality this morning, when I got this email from Skyring:

Subject: Sit down, FutureCat

Brace yourself. Christchurch is hosting the 2009 Anniversary Convention. There looked to be about 60% approval, and NO dissenting votes.

Nobody put up their hand for a bid in 2009. Boston was making noises to host the Unconvention next year, but I think they will be bidding for 2010.

Your presentation was extremely well received. Everyone laughed at the jokes.

[Sonora] talked about ways of finding cheap airfares.

I talked about how much I love Christchurch, but when I mentioned volcanoes, [Sonora] was about ready to jump up and stop me, until I said all the nearby ones were extinct.

So, congratulations, good luck, and you may ink me in as your first attendee.

Our bid won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The panic will set in soon, but for now I’m just sitting here with a huge grin on my face. We’re going to be hosting the Anniversary Convention! Bookcrossers from all over will be coming here! It’s gonna be huge!!!

Even though Sonora had told me there weren’t any other bids in, I still didn’t really believe we’d actually win it. I was half expecting our bid to be turned down on the grounds that NZ is just so far away from everywhere. But then, another side of me has always thought we had a chance, even back in February when we were discussing the NZBC convention being in Christchurch in 2009, and a totally silly idea came to me so I turned to my companions at breakfast and said “you know, they’re looking for bids for the world convention, why don’t we give it a go?”

So, what are you all doing in April 2009? 🙂

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