Testing, testing…

7.59 am Christchurch

Ok, this is the first test of the system I’m going to use to write my blog while I’m travelling. My internet access is going to be pretty limited, and if I wait until I do get on the internet, I’ll have so much to write about that I’ll forget half of it, or worse, feel so intimidated by the amount of catching up I need to do that I’ll just let it go and never keep up. And that just won’t do!

On the other side of the equation, I’ll be spending a lot of time sitting on planes and hanging round in airports with nothing much to do, but no internet.

So the plan is this: I’ll have MrPloppy’s laptop with me, so when it’s got battery power or I can plug it in, I’ll type entries in Word then upload them to LJ and DD later on.

And when I don’t have power for the laptop, I’ll do what I’m doing now: write my blog into my trusty travel journal. The ultimate blogging tool: no power source or internet connection required, completely portable, and can even be used during take-off and landing. And when I get to a power source (or in today’s test run, to my work computer – I’m writing this sitting at the bus stop waiting for my bus (I overslept this morning so left too late to walk to work)) all I have to do is type out my ramblings (not too much of a hardship – I’m a reasonably fast copy typist), and upload them. Easy!


Well, that worked ok. I could read my writing (even the stuff I wrote actually *on* the bus!) well enough, and it didn’t take long at all to type it out. I think this system may actually work!

In other trip news, something exciting I completely forgot to mention last night: we’ve got somewhere to stay in Perth!!! Libertine101 emailed me yesterday and offered us a bed. Yayy!!!!! She’s going to be working, so won’t be able to meet us from the airport or show us around, but I’m not really worried about that – we’ll be quite capable of finding a shuttle or something from the airport, and I’m sure we’ll be quite capable of exploring the city on our own. Having somewhere to sleep is the main thing.

And bookczuk has found us a bed in Charleston: brownwhitetan is willing to host us.

Oh, and miketrollstigen has confirmed we can stay with him in Cardiff. Not only that, but he’s got us tickets to see Nutcracker! at the amazing Millenium Centre. I’m so looking forward to that!

So that just leaves Dallas/Fort Worth to find accommodation for.

A couple of recent catches:

One of the books I registered with pre-numbered labels in Wellington, The Venetian Affair by Helen MacInnes, was caught by someone from Belgium, and re-released in the Peel Forest.

And Shadows of Yesterday by Sandra Brown which I released only last week, has also been caught.

Two catches, two new members. Not bad going 🙂

Currently reading: Wicked by Gregory Maguire
Currently listening to: The Mammoth Hunters by Jean M Auel

56 sleeps to go!

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