The Really Real Travelling Journal

A while back Yetzirah invited me to take part in this project, which is a blank journal which has been travelling around DearDiary members, with each adding a couple of pages (kind of like the blank journal bookrings that are common in Bookcrossing). On Thursday it arrived, and I was stunned by the creativity of everyone’s entries (and a bit worried – I didn’t know if I could live up to that standard!).

I knew one thing I wanted to include on my pages was some embroidery, so Thursday night was spent cross-stitching a little patchwork cat that had caught my eye in when I was looking through a craft magazine the other day. Then yesterday I started planning my pages. I had so many different ideas, I was pulling out bits and pieces from all over the house until I’m sure I had enough to fill the entire book on my own, but still no real idea what I wanted to do with the two pages I’d been allocated.

Then I came across something we’d been given at the Dunedin convention: a box of little cards with quotations on them. My box had quotations on the theme of joy, and I decided to make the theme of my page things that give me joy – cats, cross-stitch, Bookcrossing, MrPloppy, travel, learning… So I collected together elements representing each of those things, and tried to lay them out on the page, but I couldn’t get them to fit together properly. Then I realised why – because I’d been trying to compartmentalise them too much. My life is utterly chaotic (in a (mostly) good way!), with different aspects totally overlapping, so its only natural that the pages representing my life were trying to do the same. So I abandoned my tidy design and just went with putting things wherever they felt like going, and ended up with a much more interesting page. It’s not as artistic as the other contributions, but it’s definitely me 🙂

And best of all, Yetzirah gave me permission to register the RRTJ on Bookcrossing, so Bookcrossing, which is such a big part of my life (does that sound sad or what?), is a part of the whole journal! 🙂 I’ve blurred out the BCID on those pictures above, but if any previous contributors to the RRTJ want to make a journal entry on Bookcrossing to record their involvement in the project, leave me a comment and I’ll give you the BCID number.

So now all I’ve got to do is tidy up the mess I made. I’ve always said you can tell how much fun you’re having with a craft project by how far the mess spreads, and I had *lots* of fun doing this one!

(Oh, and apologies to Yetzirah – I kind of ignored your rules about not putting bulky things on the pages. I was being really good, and then I came across some little plastic cat-themed scrapbooky things (technical term :-)) that someone sent me ages ago that were just crying out to be included and kind of accidentally on purpose snuck their way onto the pages… They’re not *that* bulky, but my pages definitely aren’t as flat as everyone else’s. Sorry!)

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  1. Oh dear. Naughty Ming.

    Your book page is brilliant!

    I think everyone "prunes" their friends list from time to time, but I agree that it’s hard not to take it personally. I still love you 🙂

  2. It’s funny that you should bring up the friends business… I am a fairly recent arrival at DD and was visiting one person’s diary regularly. They went to friends only format, so I requested to be added to the list, several times, with no success. So, like you, I try not to take it personally, but it made me wonder why. I know I left a few comments, never contentious, usually encouraging. Oh well, there are many, many more interesting diaries to read and enjoy, so I’ll get over it, LOL.

    Always like to hear about your book releasing adventures.

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