Funny money

Yayy!!! I can write diary entries again!!! I don’t think they’ve quite fixed everything yet, though, because I just tried to change my index text (because I use my index to store my list of books I’ve read, and I wanted to add a couple I’ve finished over the last couple of days) and the change didn’t stick, and at the moment my welcome page is telling me that my Plus Account expires on 1 Jan 1970…

I just went and bought some lunch, and got some of the new coins in my change – they’re so tiny!!!

And they’re so incredibly light – they don’t feel like real money at all. They’re like game tokens or something. This is going to take a lot of getting used to.

I’ve just realised something, too: in a few days I’m going down to Alexandra to help Dad out in the shop (he’s having a big sale). Which means I’m going to have to be doing things like giving change with the new coins, and the shop will be really busy so I won’t have a lot of time to stop and check which coin is which. So I’d better start getting used to them fast!

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  1. Rest assured, DearDiary.Net will not be ‘too hard to fix and just shut down for good’. Sometimes it feels like I might want to do that, but then a little voice (usually Rose’s :)) niggles me to calm down and get on with it cos I can always sort it.

    So don’t panic, there’ll never be very long without DearDiary, and it’ll never just disappear!

    But it is a good idea to have a backup of the best bits, because although I trust me, you shouldn’t 😉


  2. Oh, it IS good to know I’m not the only one who obsesses about these things….


    Nice to make your aquaintance. I have never run across your diary so far. . .

  3. You are far from the only one who feels a desperate need to write only cause the site is down, it drove ME nuts too!

    Due to car troubles I havn’t been anywhere yet to spend cash and get new change but Im picking its going to be very odd indeed. I know I found it hard adjusting to lightweight coins while I was in the US but Im sure it will be a change for the better. Am I the only one who finds it funny that NZ coinage is now minted in Canada though? Does that mean we have to buy our own money?


  4. Ha! You even used the same link!

    You must have posted yours while DD’s notifications weren’t working, because I didn’t see it.

    The young guy in the greengrocers this morning told me he’d had a customer accuse him quite belligerently of short-changing him. It doesn’t matter how well they publicise it, there’s still someone who hasn’t heard…

  5. Comments don’t seem to be showing up on diaries, or at least not consistently. I left one on someone else’s diary, and it wasn’t there when I looked again. You made a duplicate comment on my diary, and I bet it’s because of the same thing.

    Maybe we can’t see our own comments or something. I do see other peoples’, like KiwiKimi’s and a couple others here on your diary.

    Let me test my hypothesis.

  6. I’m glad that NZ is getting new coins. You wouldn’t believe how many NZ coins end up in Aussie hands, they think their 10 cents is like our 10 cents, but it’s actually worth less. It’s funny because they’re quite similar, until you turn them over and see the logos on the back.

    I guess the other advantage of your new coins is that if you have lots of change, it won’t weigh you down. Like when I fill up the piggy bank and then count it and bag it to deposit into the bank, it weighs so much more than it’s actually worth!

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