Secret project report

So, can you guess what it is yet? 🙂

I’m quite pleased with the background pattern now that there’s more of it visible. I was a bit disappointed with it at first, because it was supposed to subtly reinforce the octagon theme, but once I’d started stitching I realised that you couldn’t really tell they were octagons unless you looked really really carefully (in the sample I’d stitched while I was designing it, using a different sort of variegated thread, they showed up more obviously, but I didn’t have enough of that thread to carry on using it, and anyway the colours weren’t what I wanted). So I’d resigned myself to the background just being made up of meaningless swirly things. But now that I’ve stitched a bigger area, although the swirly things still don’t look like octagons, it’s occurred to me that they do look a bit like roses, which seems very appropriate for a wedding sampler.

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