Queen's Birthday

It’s a long weekend here in FutureCat land, and theoretically I was going to spend the weekend studying hard for my Spanish oral on Friday. Theoretically. Of course, temptation got in the way of good intentions, so I spent most of Saturday reading, cross-stitching, playing Oblivion, and generally doing anything but study. I did spend an hour or so in the evening going over some vocab, so the day wasn’t totally lost, and I really really was going to do lots of study for the rest of the weekend, so I could justify one day of relaxation. Except that MrPloppy and I had planned to go to the movies on Sunday… but that’s ok, because we were going to a morning session, so that still gave me the rest of the day to learn the several chapters of vocab I’ll need for the test.

So we went to the movies and saw X-Men 3, which wasn’t as good as the first two (I think they’ve basically run out of ideas – there were a few nice set pieces, but overall it was pretty boring, and the lack of excitement made the dumb stuff stand out even more than usual), but we go to the pictures together so rarely that it was enjoyable anyway. After the film finished, we decided to stay in town and have a late lunch, so it was mid-afternoon by the time we got home… to find a message on the answer-phone inviting me (and MrPloppy, but he decided one outing a day was enough for him so declined) to a games evening being held by one of the Chick Flix women that night.

A games evening sounded like a lot more fun than studying, so I abandoned my books yet again, grabbed a bottle of wine, and (as it was by now raining horribly outside) bludged a lift with gwilk and MrsGwilk. And it was a really fun night, so I’m glad I went (especially because for the first time ever I won a game of Seafarers of Catan!!!), but it was also a very late night, being well after midnight by the time we finished the last game, so I didn’t exactly manage to get up early this morning.

But despite the late start, I did actually manage to spend most of the day studying, and made a lot of progress, but not quite as much as I’d planned at the beginning of the weekend. So when I totally fail my oral, you all have permission to point out that my failure was entirely self-inflicted. Oh well, the test’s only worth 10% of the total for the semester, so it’s not the end of the world.

At least my cross-stitch is looking good:

Currently reading: The Cat Who Robbed a Bank by Lilian Jackson Braun

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