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Despite the fact that my cold has come back a bit, so I really should have had an early night last night, I went with the Chick Flicks group to see The Lake House. For the first third of the film it didn’t really capture my imagination, but I ended up quite enjoying it – it wasn’t exactly deeply thought-provoking or anything (although the time paradoxes did manage to utterly confuse one of our members, especially when I pointed out that [Spoiler space, highlight to read: if Alex hadn’t died, then his brother probably wouldn’t have hung his drawing on the wall, so Kate wouldn’t have seen it, so she wouldn’t have asked about him and made the connection between the date he died and the man she saw get run over, so she wouldn’t have rushed to the lake house to warn him, and if she hadn’t warned him, he would have run across the road and been killed. So by preventing his death, is she then causing his death? ]. I do love warping people’s brains with that sort of logic 😉 ), but had enough to it that it wasn’t just mindless mush. Basically, a pleasant film.

I met lytteltonwitch beforehand for a very rushed dinner (the film started at 6, and bad traffic meant that neither of us got to Riccarton particularly quickly), so we were able to work out a plan of attack for Saturday. The festivities start at 11 am, so we’re going to try and get to the Square by 9 and release loads of books, then retire to a cafe for breakfast and come back once the celebrations have started to see how many of our books have been picked up. I just hope the street cleaners have already been round the Square before 9, otherwise our books might end up thrown away with all the Friday night rubbish. I think we should be ok, though – I’d imagine with such a big event on, they’ll make sure everything’s cleaned up nice and early in the morning.

While we were waiting to get tickets, I released what seemed like the perfect title in the foyer of the theatre, The Movie by Louise Bagshawe, but when we came out of the movie it was still lying there. It had been moved slightly, so obviously someone at least looked at it, but wasn’t interested enough to take it.

MrPloppy had another dental appointment yesterday, so I gave him another copy of Jaws to release at the surgery. I think he’s doubting my sympathy for his plight, but I really am sympathetic – it’s just that I can’t pass up such great opportunities for themed releases! :-p

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