As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been struggling to get back into any sort of creativity.  I’ve managed the odd bit here and there, though.  Like an attempt at a zentangle (inspired by Yetzirah’s much more artistic versions).

I haven’t decided quite which way up it goes yet 🙂
I’m not 100% happy with it, but it was fun to play with. I’m thinking if I do another one, I might try colouring it – watercolour washes over the top could be fun to experiment with…

I was much inspired too by a craft fair I went to on Friday night at Mairehau High School.  Lots and lots of pretty things to see inside and out (they had so many stalls they had to overflow from the school hall out into the playground, which led to some very creative lighting techniques by the stallholders to keep their products visible), and entertainment in the form of women from a belly dancing class.

I went away with several purchases I just couldn’t resist, loads of ideas for things I could try making, and a leaflet for some crafty-type courses coming up.  Watch this space?

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  1. What do you MEAN your zentangle isn’t artistic ?/????
    It’s great.
    And I know what it is too…
    It looks like a laughing hamster to me!
    Make more.

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