Yep, it’s the last Sunday of the month again, so time for a breakfast meetup at Trattorie. Quite a good turnout, including two newbies: me, awhina, lytteltonwitch, non-fiction, and mecka-antics. We’ve been trading recipes with mecka-antics via the BCNZ Yahoo list, because he’s just moved to Christchurch and started flatting, so I brought along my copy of The Joy of Cooking for him (which I’d got as a gift from another Bookcrosser, so I was happy to find someone to pass it on to – I was starting to feel guilty that I’d kept it for so long and not got a lot of use out of it). I also passed on The White Dragon by Anne McCaffrey and A Fine Restoration by Kitty Ray, and, as always seems to happen, picked up more books than I released: Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk, The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger, Cosmonaut Keep by Ken MacLeod, and The Best Book of Urban Myths Ever. I would say it’s lucky that I read fast, but since term has started and I’ve started studying again, my leisure reading time has been cut into considerably (especially because I make up the time I spend in lectures by working through lunch, when I’d normally spend an hour reading), so I can see the inroads I was making into my TBR pile being rapidly filled in again if I keep catching so many books. The trouble is, so many of the books released at meetups sound so interesting, and I just can’t bear to miss the chance to read them!

The NZBC Convention made it to the Bookcrossing Newsletter this week – let’s hope it drums up a bit more interest from the locals. If I were ever to organise a convention again (which I’m definitely NOT going to do!), I’d make sure not to have it on a long weekend. It seemed like such a good idea when we thought of it (being able to stretch the convention over 4 days, and people not having to take time off work), but we didn’t realise how many families have special get-togethers and things over Easter weekend. I’ve had so many emails saying “I’d love to come, but…”. Oh well, good advice to pass on to whoever the organisers are next year.

Currently reading: Pouliuli by Albert Wendt

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