Free books!

I continued my plan of releasing books around the campus this week – on Thursday I released Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë and A Modern Comedy by John Galsworthy in the English Department, and on Friday I left The Loves and Journeys of Revolving Jones by Leslie Thomas in the Commerce department, and The Archivist by Martha Cooley under the library. However, I managed to bring home more books than I released – someone in the English Department was obviously having a clean out, because there was a big pile of books (none of them Bookcrossing books, I checked! 😉 ) left out in the foyer for people to take – most of them were pretty dry academic stuff, but as I fished through them I found a few novels and plays amongst them that I wouldn’t mind reading, and a few others I thought other people might like… and ended up taking 15 books! Of course, now I have to sit down and register them all…

Managed to get a bit more work done on my current embroidery project. I finished the section I’d been working on last night
[album 128913 knight6.JPG thumblink]
and made a start on the next section
[album 128913 knight7.JPG thumblink]
so I’m now officially just over a quarter of the way through it!

A few more items for the goody bags have arrived in the last few days, this time donated by Mundoo. They look fantastic, but I won’t say anything more here, because I’m keeping them a surprise for now.

Currently reading: Pouliuli by Albert Wendt

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