Convention Bits and Bobs (and Books)

One of the fun things about planning a convention for such a generous community as Bookcrossers is people offer to send you all sorts of cool things to go in the goody bags. I’ve had emails from all over the world, offering to send everything from books to lollies, plus quite a few mysterious “I’ve got something in mind to send you for the convention” messages. The first package of goodies arrived today – ThanksMom sent us 40 of the patches she’s had made for the US Convention (which is being held in Fort Worth in April). She’s asked us to charge people for the patches, and donate the profits to the Bookcrossing site, which of course we’re more than happy to do, especially as her suggested price was only US$2 (which works out as about NZ$3) – I don’t think anyone will object to paying so little for such high quality patches!
[album 128913 patch.jpg]

In with the patches, she’d included a couple of books: The Crazy World of Cats by Bill Stott and The Two Pound Tram by William Newton. The accompanying note said I could either read them myself or hand them out at the convention – I think I’ll probably try and do both, if I can get them read before Easter (the cat one shouldn’t be a problem at least, because it’s just cartoons).

Currently reading: Outside, Looking In by Kathleen Rowntree

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