Countdown to Sydney

Only 1 day and 18 hours to go until we leave for Sydney!!!

Had a very small meetup tonight, probably because we changed the day and confused everyone. Only me, Lytteltonwitch, and Awhina, but we shared a very nice pizza, and followed by cake (Awhina was going off to meet some friends for dessert to celebrate her birthday, so deferred on the cake), and Awhina gave us a few books to take over to Sydney with us. Lytteltonwitch and I arranged the last few practical details of our trip (she’s going to get her son to give her a lift to the airport, so they’ll pick me up on the way past), so it’s now all systems go!

A parcel arrived today from Rarsberry in Dunedin, with a couple more books to add to the pile to take to Sydney: she’s promised them to Littlemave, the bookcrosser we’ll be staying with in Sydney. So, added to the few more books I found to add myself, I suspect I’m creeping closer to that 20kg mark…

And just to record it for posterity, because she’ll probably take it down once we get back from Sydney, here’s the picture Lytteltonwitch has put up on her Bookcrossing profile page, with the caption “FutureCat and I off to Sydney, hang on tight to the broomstick FutureCat”:

Currently reading: Playing Waterloo by Peter Hawes

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