April Release, November Catch

Just to prove that you should never give up on hearing from a released book: In April, MrPloppy, ORNOT, and I spent a few days travelling around the bottom half of the South Island, stopping off at various points of interest along the way, and releasing books as we went (from memory, I think we released over 80 books). I got quite a few good catches, but most of the books disappeared without trace (as is normal). Until last night, that is, when I got a catch notice on this book, that I’d released at Larnach’s Castle, in Dunedin. Seven months and one day between release and capture! And best of all, not only has the finder joined Bookcrossing, but the book has travelled as far as Australia!

And talking about Australia, only four days until the big Sydney trip!!! I spent most of yesterday registering and labelling books, and choosing exactly which ones to take. It turns out that my worries about exceeding the 20kg weight limit were unfounded – I’ve filled the bag I’m intending to take (all books so far, but don’t worry, I have left a small space for a change of clothes and my toothbrush 🙂 ), and it only weighs about 12kg. So well within the limits, even if I do pick up a few more books at the meetup on Wednesday (which is very likely!). I’m not sure what the security people at the airport are going to think when the bag goes through the x-ray machine – someone told me once that books have the same density as a bomb. Oh well, that bag doesn’t have a lock on it, so they can always open it up and see what’s really inside… just hope it doesn’t cause too much of a scare!!! Hmm, maybe I should mention the contents when I check in, just to be on the safe side…

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