An instant catch!

MrPloppy and I just came back from a walk to the supermarket to get some bread for lunch. There’s a park bench outside the supermarket, so when I go up there, I try to remember to take a book with me to release on the bench. I haven’t had a lot of catches from there, but I keep trying, because it’s such a potentially good spot – lots of people walking in and out of the supermarket are likely to see the book.

Anyway, the book I left there today was in one of the new zip-lock bags from the supply store, and seems pretty good evidence that they work. I left the book (The Red Balloon by Iela Mari) on the bench as we went in to the supermarket, and it was still there when we came out. We walked home, made some lunch, and I sat down at the computer to make release notes for the book. But before I had a chance, I got an email from Bookcrossing, telling me that one of my books had been found – yep, it was The Red Balloon. The finder didn’t like the book very much, but they’re going to release it back into the wild again, so maybe the next person to find it will like it more.

Some Bookcrossers get frustrated when their books get caught before they’ve done release notes, but I think it’s great – it’s better than the book languishing for months!!! And the best thing about this catch is that it was one of the books we got from Lytteltonwitch on Saturday, so she’ll get a catch notice on it too (when a book is journalled, everyone else who’s journalled that book gets an email) – and she’s probably in need of cheering up about now.

Currently reading: Keep It Simple, Stupid by Peter Goldsworthy. Neither a bookring book nor a NZ book, but it is by an Australian author, so I thought it might make a good themed release while I’m over there, so it was near the top of the TBR pile.

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