Pointed bricks and other photos

I raced out this morning and took a photo of the finished brickwork:

It stands out at the moment, but according to the builder it should weather to match the rest of the house in a year or so.

And while I’m uploading photos, here’s one I forgot to upload of the car that crashed across the street the day after the one that hit the house:

The tree it’s wrapped around was so badly damaged (you can see in the photo that it’s on a bit of a lean) that it had to be removed, so that side of the street is looking a bit bare now.

Oh, and you know how when there’s a car crash the police go round with tins of spraypaint marking the road to show the path of the cars for the evidence photos? Well when a car crashes into your house they do that too. All over the lawn and driveway – and it’s permanent paint. Not a problem on the lawn, because the grass has grown out, but we’ve still got yellow arrows all over our drive!

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