Catching up

Ok, so not entirely wasting today: I have at least sorted through a few photos from the trip to Alexandra.
Lake Tekapo looking spectacular as usual:

Possibly the clearest view I’ve ever seen of Mt Cook/Aoraki, above Lake Pukaki:

Playing with toy cars while we wait for lunch at the Shaky Bridge Cafe:

A ramp is constructed from books and menus, and Nephew #2 lines up the car for an attempt at a jump.

Brother trying very hard to pretend he’s not with us…

Lytteltonwitch takes the boys (and Jack the dog) geocaching:

The first cache is hidden beneath this wall, but the boys haven’t quite got the hang of what we’re looking for yet.

And Jack has no idea what we’re doing, but he’s enjoying the adventure anyway.

Searching for the second cache of the day, and now the kids are keen to help search. It’s definitely around here somewhere, but opinions are divided as to exactly where…

Found it finally! The boys fill in the log book.
Clutha River:

I think there’s a local by-law in Alexandra making it compulsory to take this photo.
And random bits of wildlife that caught my eye:

And a list of releases from the trip (most of which also have photos attached, and a few of which I managed to theme release):

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