I'm on holiday!

Another long day of meetings, but it’s over now, so that means I’m officially on holiday! I’ve got tomorrow off to sort out all those last minute bits and pieces of packing, then on Friday afternoon I’m off to the USA!!!!

I seem to keep adding new things to my “things to do before I leave” list, but it is going down slowly. All the important stuff is done, I’m just down to the things like downloading my contributions to the car’s audiobook collection, and searching out a flag.

I’m still having moments where the anxiety* outweighs the excitement, but excitement is definitely winning overall. And the closer it gets, the more the balance shifts to excitement. This is going to be so much fun!!!!

*Not about any of the big stuff – I never worry about things like planes crashing (if that happens, I’ll be dead, so it won’t be my problem), or getting mugged (that’s what insurance is for). No, my worries are all the dumb things like whether I’ll ever figure out how to calculate a tip, and having to get myself to the airport in DC… Yeah, I never said I was logical…

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  1. hehe I think your fears are very logical and Im sure most people who have traveled the US would agree! American airports *shudder* memories of O’Hare still gives me heebies! Enjoy and bask in my jealousy 🙂

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