Still alive

Yes, contrary to appearances (or lack thereof) I am still alive, and do still exist. Just been a bit busy.

Still trying to juggle both jobs (I discovered very early on that two part time jobs add up to a lot more than one full time one!), as well as studying, and sometimes attempting to have some sort of life outside of those things. Though I’m not complaining – I’m loving the union work, and getting a lot out of it… it’s just the chances to pause for breath are few and far between. And it’s looking like continuing that way for the rest of the year. So much for it all being over by June…

Anyway, my apologies to anyone on my friends list who’s had any major events in their life I should have commented on – I’ve given up on doing anything more than a quick scan of LJ and DD these days, so I’m sure I’ve missed all sorts of important stuff. Please take this as assurance that if I’d known about whatever it was, I would have commiserated or celebrated with you as appropriate.

I won’t bother promising to update more often – we all know that’s not going to happen – but I will try and at least show some sign of life from time to time.

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