The best laid plans…

…tend to gang agley due to the lure of a lazy weekend, or they do in my life, anyway. I had all these good intentions of spending the weekend working on my linguistics essay, preparing Wednesday’s ESOL lesson so I don’t have to do it at the last minute, testing out my new secret super-powers some more, and registering a few books. Instead, I read a lot, played The Sims 2 a lot, and generally spent a lot of time being as unconstructive as possible.

It started off constructively enough, with MrPloppy and I going into Riccarton to get some flyers copied. Of course, we hadn’t done anything sensible like check their opening hours first, so when we got to the copy shop discovered they don’t open on Saturdays. After that disappointment, some retail therapy was in order (well, we couldn’t let it be a totally wasted trip ;-)), so we had a wander through the mall, where after a few abortive trips to homeware shops (I am SO sick of this trend to have everything in white at the moment. I wanted a couple of little dishes for serving relishes in, but every shop we went into was the same expanse of white crockery, which is so incredibly boring!), we ended up gravitating to EB Games, which had a sale on…

That could have been disastrous, but we managed to restrain ourselves incredibly well, and only bought a couple of games (well, MrPloppy actually bought a box set containing a game plus several expansion packs, but the whole set was about a third of the price of the original game, that doesn’t count :-)) My game was actually just a mini-expansion for The Sims 2 (hence the playing it all weekend – well, I had to test it out!)

I did manage to be slightly constructive when we got home, too, clearing out the fridge and making soup out of the sad old bits of broccoli and cauliflower that had been slowly wilting in the vege compartment (the soup turned out great, too – the recipe I used was for a broccoli and cheddar soup, but it worked just as well with a combo of broccoli and cauliflower). But after that burst of enthusiasm, I’m afraid the rest of the weekend was shot.

Oh well, I’ve been pretty busy lately with work and study, so I probably needed a lazy weekend, really. What I really need is a 4-day weekend, so I can spend a couple of days being lazy, and a couple of days getting stuff done (of course, in reality I’d probably end up just wasting 4 days instead of 2, but it’s nice to dream :-))

Just to turn this into a proper blog for a change, some interesting news that should have got a lot more attention than it has. Some physicists have discovered that under the right conditions, inorganic molecules (i.e. not containing carbon) can behave in ways that look a lot like the building blocks for life. Totally amazing, and potentially could completely overthrow a whole lot of previously accepted ideas in physics, chemistry and biology. Not much chance of the mainstream media picking up on it, then…

(I had to laugh at the Google ads on that page, though, two of which were for Creationist websites…)

I got a catch for one of the books I left at the Palms on Tuesday night: The Shining. A new member, too!

Currently reading: Picture Perfect by Jodi Picoult
Currently listening to: Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett

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