Still wired, but not for long

I really must get in the habit of writing my diary again. I seem to have got stuck in that rut of “nothing new has happened, so I’ve got nothing to say” again, when having nothing in particular to say has never stopped me in the past 😉

Hopefully I should have an incentive to more diarising this weekend, when (fingers crossed) we’ll finally get the laptop onto the internet. MrPloppy has been trying to set up a wireless network, but our modem (a freebie we got when we signed up for broadband) isn’t capable of being connected through a router (something we of course only discovered after we’d bought the router), so after trying various workarounds that didn’t, he’s finally given up and is going to go and buy a new modem today… or rather, his company is, as getting the laptop onto the internet is definitely a nice tax-deductible business expense, because he needs to be able to download patches and fixes and things for his clients. And me being able to write my diary and register books from the warm and comfy lounge sitting in front of the TV will be merely a pleasant side effect 😉

Another side effect of mucking around with the network last night was that we finally set up the second printer. It came free with the laptop, but as we’ve already got a perfectly good printer, we hadn’t bothered to take it out of the box yet. But last night seeing as we were crawling around under desks with various wires anyway (so much for “wireless” network!), we thought we might as well add a few more wires and set it up, especially as it’s got a built in scanner, which might come in handy. So what with the pretty flashing lights on the router (which aren’t actually doing anything useful yet, but they look nice :-)), and yet another piece of equipment cluttering the desk, the study is looking even more like a techy paradise than it normally does.

I actually got organised enough to release a book on my way to work this morning. I’ve been meaning to drop off Don’t Panic! Survival Skills for University and Polytechnic Students at the university for the last couple of weeks, ever since I spotted it on the bookshelf in Dunedin, but I keep forgetting to pick it up on my way out the door. But this morning I remembered at last, so it’s now in the wilds of the university, waiting for some poor unsuspecting student to pick it up…

Had a catch from the Dunedin trip already: The Roundtree Women by Margaret Lewerth, which I released in Oamaru, was caught by an anonymous finder. I also got an anonymous finder catch on another of the books we labelled in the Wellington YHA – Stormy, Misty’s Foal by Marguerite Henry. I’ve had an amazing number of catches from that bookshelf now – must remember it next time I’m in Wellington!

Currently reading: Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult, How Children Learn Language by William O’Grady, and An Introduction to Child Language Development by Susan Foster-Cohen (bet you can’t guess what paper I’m taking this semester ;-))
Currently listening to: Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy

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