Alone at last

The Outlaws finally flew back to the UK yesterday afternoon. It’s been lovely having them here, but 5 weeks is a very long time to have visitors (especially when you’ve given up your bed for them!) and I must admit by last week I was getting impatient for them to leave. I feel a bit guilty feeling so happy to see them go, especially because I know they’re of an age that there’s a chance we may not see them again (I doubt they’ll make it back over here, and who knows when we’ll be financially secure enough again to be able to afford a trip to the UK), but it’s just so nice having the house back to ourselves again!

I’ve been a bit slack with updating my diary lately, mainly because I’ve felt guilty about spending too much time on the computer while the Outlaws have been here. I’m slowly getting my photos sorted out from our holiday, so I’ll be able to upload them soon. Well, when I find a free moment, that is – the next few weeks are going to be pretty busy with study (another thing I’ve let slide a bit while the Outlaws have been here, so I need to do some catching up), plus we’ve got Bookcrossing trips planned for the next two weekends: to Timaru next weekend to visit The-Organist, and then to Dunedin the following weekend for the Regent 24-hour booksale (and to visit the Dunedin bookcrossers, of course). Apparently there’ll be a charity booksale on in Timaru while we’re there next weekend too, so I could well be acquiring quite a few books over the course of the two weekends!

Currently reading: The Man in the Iron Mask by Alexandre Dumas and Congratulations! It’s Asperger Syndrome by Jen Birch (library book).

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