I am soooooooo tired!

My brother arrived late-ish last night, having flown to Blenheim, picked up his car and then driven down to Christchurch. It was really nice to see him on his own for a change, so we could have a proper conversation without being interrupted by the kids (much as I love my nephews, and love spending time with them, they don’t leave a lot of opportunity for adult conversation). We spent a long time talking about his and Sister-in-law’s plans for the future (which might include moving back to Alexandra and buying Dad’s business when he retires), and just generally catching up. So it ended up being another late night…

I seriously need to get a few early nights, and I seriously need to get some study done, and I can’t see much of either happening this week. I’ve got a meetup tonight, I’ve got to work late tomorrow night, which only leaves Thursday night to both get an enormous amount of study done for my Spanish test on Friday, and to get enough sleep that I’ll actually be in a fit state to sit the test. Plus I’ve got a Spanish essay due on Monday (which we only got given the topic for yesterday – grrr!) which I’ll have to try and write over the weekend, but I’m going down to Timaru on Saturday. Someone remind me again why I thought it was a good idea to do another language paper (which always require so much more work than other papers) this year when I’ve already done enough to satisfy the language requirement of my major?

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