Pretty Colours!

As predicted, the temptation of my new craft project got the better of me last night, and I decided to have a go at laying out the pieces on the grid. I thought it would probably take me several goes before I got it looking ok, but once I got the hang of seeing the overall shade of each square, instead of the details (I found squinting my eyes up so everything went blurry helped), it actually came together pretty quickly, and I soon had a layout I liked (sorry about the picture quality – I had to stand on a chair and hold the camera up as high as I could to get the whole thing in, so I couldn’t see what I was doing):

[album 128913 110206patch1.jpg]

As it was looking pretty good, I decided (after a few more tweaks here and there) to go ahead and iron the pieces to the backing (which is like normal iron-on interfacing material, but with a grid printed on it to make it easier to line up all the little squares). Here’s the ironed version (slightly better photo this time, because I took it this morning with the sun coming in the window, and didn’t bother trying to get a straight-on view):

[album 128913 110206patch2.jpg]

So today’s big plan is to sew all the seams (which will reduce the total size of the quilt by about a third, because the edges of each square will be folded into the seams). And then I’ll have to put it on hold for a few weeks probably, because (as always happens with kits) they don’t actually give you *everything* you need to complete the project, so I need to go to a craft shop and get a different kind of fusing web for the applique bits, plus find some fabric for the border and backing. And I doubt I’ll get time to do that today, tomorrow needs to be devoted to organising myself for the convention, next weekend I’ll be in Dunedin (yayy!!!)… maybe the weekend after that I’ll get the chance to go shopping…

Currently reading: Palm Prints by Fiona Kidman (yes, still – I keep getting distracted by more interesting books) and The Future Trap by Catherine Jinks

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