Monday – Farewell Breakfast

Breakfast on Monday was a much more relaxed occasion – the sun had finally come out, so we sat outside at the cafe, and enjoyed one last chance to talk to our new friends, and to share a few last books.

[album 128913 nzbc30.JPG thumblink] [album 128913 nzbc31.JPG thumblink]

We had a few thank-you speeches, and then presented the NZBC Awards (invented for the occasion, but so popular I think they’ll make a comeback at the next convention):

The NZBC Awards 2005

Best Themed Release

Awarded to Skyring for releasing In the Pond in the pond.

Most Unusual Release

Awarded to lytteltonwitch for dropping Doberman Pinschers onto some very surprised tourists in a passing punt.

Best Release Photo

Awarded to littlemave for a photo of Damaged Gods on a statue of a damaged god.

Best Catch

Awarded to Skyring for getting The Secret of Santa Vittoria caught despite the best efforts of an agressive seagull.

Bookcrossing Ambassador Award

Awarded to Cathietay for spreading the Bookcrossing word to all the staff and patrons of the Dux de Lux on Friday night (whether she remembers doing so or not).

Special Award for Bookcrossing Beyond the Call of Duty

Awarded to Mundoo for her endless supply of labels, badges, stickers, mugs, and enthusiasm.

After breakfast, we officially handed over the convention (Olympics-style) to the Dunedin team for 2006, and then took a few last pictures of Bookcrossers displaying some of the Bookcrossing merchandise from the supply store, for Ron to use for publicity:
[album 128913 nzbc33.JPG thumblink]

[album 128913 nzbc32.JPG thumblink]
Lytteltonwitch showing off the latest fashion accessory – Bookcrossing earrings (not actually available from the supply store – she bought the little charms from there, and turned them into earrings herself)

And then it was all over. People drifted off to catch planes, or to fit in some last-minute sight-seeing, and the 2005 NZBC Convention was no more. 🙁

All over too soon (although I was kind of glad it was over, just so I could finally rest – rarsberry dashed off straight after breakfast to catch her bus home to Dunedin, and littlemave and Lollie-mavette went to spend the afternoon with some friends, so I was left at home, all on my own for the first time in about a week. I thought I’d sit down with a book for a few minutes… and woke up 3 hours later!)

All in all, a great convention, and worth the effort that went into organising. But I am NEVER going to organise another one!!!!

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