A Festive Cat

We put up the Christmas tree last night. We have a plastic tree (I don’t like the idea of chopping down a tree just to decorate our house for a few weeks) which comes apart for storage. Anyway, I was putting the tree together, and when I turned round to take the top section of the tree out of the box, I discovered that Ming had decided it was a very comfy place to sit:

I did manage to get the tree out from under him (MrPloppy suggested we should just put the tree up with Ming stuck on the top!), but he spent the next half an hour or so playing in the box, and getting overexcited about all the tinsel lying around (I managed to stop him from eating any of it, but it was a close thing a few times!).

[album 128913 021205ming2.jpg thumblink] [album 128913 021205ming3.jpg thumblink] [album 128913 021205ming4.jpg thumblink] [album 128913 021205ming5.jpg thumblink] [album 128913 021205ming6.jpg thumblink] [album 128913 021205ming7.jpg thumblink] [album 128913 021205ming8.jpg thumblink]

The finished tree:
[album 128913 021205tree.jpg]

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  1. Ming is getting into the festive spirit! Our two climbed the tree when they were little (not quite little enough, though).

    The tree looks nice. I remember seeing it about this time last year 🙂

  2. Hi! Thanks for the comment – I DO remember you and I just added you to my "friends list" so you can read it. Thanks a bunch for your support over the years and for reading my journal. This whole "free mini support group diary thing" is a huge benefit to me. You rock hard core!

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