Releasing a Hungry Caterpillar at KFC

Bet the title made you look! No, I haven’t been infesting fast food restaurants with larvae, but I did release the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle in the High Street KFC this afternoon – not my best themed release idea, but it just seemed to fit at the time.

I was going to release a few other books today, but it’s such a grey and rainy day that everyone in town was just rushing to get their shopping done and get home, so I didn’t think there’d be many people around who’d actually stop and look at a stray book long enough to see the “I’m not lost, I’m free” post-it on the front. Oh well, maybe next weekend…

I did manage to acquire a few more books though – I went into a couple of second hand bookshops and bought some books by NZ authors to take over to Sydney with me next month. I paid about $10 each for them, which is a lot more than I’d normally pay for a book for bookcrossing, but I wanted to select some good books for my Australian hosts, not just whatever happened to be in the bargain bin. I got:

It’ll be interesting to see what the Australians make of them 🙂

This diary seems to be paying off, too – at least six people have clicked through to my Bookcrossing bookshelf from here in the last few days. I just hope some of you liked what you saw enough to want to join. Let’s make the whole world a library!

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