We're evacuating

Not because we’re in any danger, but to try and relieve some of the pressure on water, sewerage etc. They’ve asked for anyone who has somewhere else they can go for a few days to do so, so Dad texted us and offered to come up and pick us up and take us down to Alexandra. So we’re packing a few clothes (and George!) and we’ll be heading away this afternoon.

I wish there was something practical to do to help, but as there’s not (I can’t even donate blood, because I’m a BSE risk), the next best thing I can do is help by not being here.

Got about 5 hours sleep last night in between the aftershocks. I can’t stop obsessively watching the news on TV and reading Stuff – probably not the healthiest thing to be doing, but just like in September, I’m trying to convince myself that this is really happening to my city.

Haven’t heard yet from Jenny or Philip, who gave me a lift home yesterday before heading out in search of their respective partners who they hadn’t been able to contact – one in Sumner, the other in Lyttelton, both badly affected areas. I know the lack of communication is probably just because they have no power or phones, but I really want to know Christian and Annie are ok.

Sorry this is so disjointed – I’ll try and write a proper account of yesterday once I settle down a bit.

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  1. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

    What a tragedy!

    What is going ON with the world eh?

    Glad you are safe and have a place to go for the time being.

    HUG (gentle one…)

  2. So glad to hear you are safe. We are getting lots of coverage here in Canada of the terrible aftermath. Take good care of yourselves. Keeping you and all your friends and family in my prayers.

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