Creeping ever closer

The countdown continues. Lytteltonwitch and I spent a very constructive (though long) day yesterday doing more of the little last minute jobs and making ever more complex lists and spreadsheets. We even managed to get the accounts sorted out (well, reasonably – a full accounting won’t be possible until after the convention is over, but at least we made sure the right money is going into the right accounts).

My hallway is beginning to fill up with boxes ready to be taken to the school on Friday:

(and that’s before I start adding the boxes of books!)

We also collected together all the platters, baskets and bowls we’ll need for Friday night’s supper. Apparently the art of catering is to have elegant well-matched crockery to present the food at its best. Oh well, hopefully everyone’s going to have too much fun to notice…

And just because it’s been a while, a list of recent catches:

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