9th of March

It’s the 9th of March today. So what? Well, that means that it’s exactly one month until I leave for my big trip!!! One month from now, we’ll be on the plane, just about to land in Sydney. I can’t wait!

Other than the momentous date, it’s been a pretty quiet weekend. I had the usual long list of things I wanted to get done, and as usual have only done a fraction of them. But I did get manage to get a report finished that I’ve been writing for the union, which was a big thing to get off my to-do list, and I went for a very long walk yesterday (I think I was out for about 3 hours – I know my feet were starting to complain by the time I got home!), delivering flyers for MrPloppy.

I ended up at Bishopdale, so I released a few books around the mall: Sicilian Defence by John Nicholas Iannuzzi, West of Sunset by Dirk Bogarde, The Diplomat’s Wife by Louise Pennington, The Scarlet Seed by Edith Pargeter, Nine Princes in Amber by Roger Zelazny, and Wet Work by Christopher Buckley. Plus I released a couple of others on the walk itself: Sort of a Cricket Person by EW Swanton and Duncton Rising by William Horwood. My to-be-released box is starting to get a bit empty – I really must have a major registering effort again one day soon and refill it.

All this releasing is paying off in catches, though:

  • A second catch from Nepal Reserve (I think that gives me a 100% catch rate for that location – I must go and release a few more books there!)
  • A quick catch from one of the books I released on my way to work a couple of days ago
  • Another quick catch from the university
  • And a catch from a book I didn’t release – well, at least that I didn’t release into the wild. I gave it to someone to read at the meetup last month, and they must have released it. Trouble is, they didn’t make a journal entry or release notes, and I can’t remember who it was I gave it to (might have been one of the newbies, actually). Pity, because it would be cool for whoever released it to know it had been caught.

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